Playable Races


Those created first by the Ancients long long ago. With the humans gone the elves are the next numerous.

Elven Sub-Races:

Svarkaname (Common Elves)

The most common type of elf and the one you are likely to meet. Their ears are typical of most elves.

Kodanomis (Dark Elf)

These are the elves with the black skin, who hide underground or in the deepest forests. Their ears are a bit more drawn in and longer than Svarkaname.

Are a red skinned demonic race. They have 3 shapely prehensile tentacles that grow from the base of their skulls.


Is a furred catish race with human legs.


Pick this only if the generation is above 13, if not then they are near extinct and therefore cannot be picked.


Are fiercely loyal as dogs. Ryuube were never considered on the same level of humans. They do not act the same or think the same. Despite all of that they are strongly loyal to their human owners, as the bond is made when they are little, making it very hard to break bonds of loyalty, trust, and subservience. If their owner asks it of them they will do it. They tend to be innocent, and child-like.

Have purple tongues. Most of their features are human. Their senses are heightened. They have black spots on their skin similar to a dalmatian. Their height range is usually 5 feet to 5’5.

Playable Races

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