Malaphant, The New Vampire

What is a malaphant?

A malaphant is a creature similar to a vampire, heightened strength, durability, extra-ordinary powers and ageless intelligence. Yes, malaphants cannot die of age. They do not feed entirely on blood either, they must eat the flesh as well, but eating the flesh is not nearlly so sever a hunger as drinking the blood. They have light blue skin. Their weaknesses are dependant on their clan but common weaknesses are sunlight, staking (which paralyzes them) and being bound in holly (which also paralyzes them).

The Six Children of O’Rya


Animalism, Fortitude, Protean

Weakness: They are very close to the monster within; as they succumb to it, it leaves its mark on their bodies. They go into a Frenzy-like state, prone to rage, meaning when they get angry they have to make a Frenzy roll (Fire does not make them Frenzy) (V20 Frenzy rules). Every time a Gairenon succumbs to his monster they gain an animalistic feature. This feature is determined by the player and Storyteller; it might be tufted ears, a pelt, a tail, catlike eyes, a snarling voice, tusks, even scales or feathers. Every five such features acquired permanently reduce one of the Gairenon’s Social Attributes by one. Non-permanent up to five, if you get five within 3 months then those and any others become permanent. If you do something too evil then yes you get a non-permanent feature up to 5.


Presence, Auspex, Thaumaturgy

Weakness: Upon their blooding a phalactery is created—a vial of blood that is enchanted and hidden away from them. Eldest Sorae know at all times where the younger are.

Marcus (Marcusim)

Dominate, Fortitude, Presence,

Weakness: Can only drink/eat from high class individuals, rich people, lavish, those in power. If they decide to go against their weakness they will vomit up whatever person they ate from.

Nell (Nellim)

Shuther, Animalism, Fortitude

Weakness: They fear and are repulsed by religion and the trappings of it. It acts as a deterent like a phobia and if they grab it it would do hmmm 2 lethal damage for however many rounds you hold it. This power works mechanically like the flaw Phobia.


Vicissitude, Animalism, Fortitude

Weakness: Water does 2 Lethal damage each round you are in it.


Mortis, Auspex, Fortitude

Weakness: They are in various stages of decompisition, some minor, some major, this is determined by your Appearance score which can never be five. Difficulties of Social rolls for any roll involving a Social Attribute – increased by one if 4, by difficulty 2 if 3-1.


Holt Bloodline

Potence, Auspex, Iniquity,


Mask of Crowds:
The player may spend a blood point to cause their skin to become like it was when they were mortal for the remainder of the scene.


Paths of Iniquity:

Pleasure Path

X: Forced Fantasy:




XXXXX: Paralyzing Pleasure:


X: Eyes of Darkness: The player must declare his desire to call forth the Eyes, no roll is necessary. The character can see in darkness. Thick black veins swirl around the characters eyes. While manifesting the Eyes, the character suffers a +1 difficulty to all Social rolls with mortals unless he takes steps to shield his eyes (sunglasses are the simplest solution). The character has -1 to Intimidate rolls.

XX: Consuming Shadows: This power requires no roll, but a blood point must be spent to activate it. Consuming Shadows lasts for one scene. The character melds into pre-existing shadows and can move within them. Beings usually cannot see Consuming Shadow’s user, but if the shadow the Nellim is in is exposed to bright lights, or the malaphant does something that may reveal themselves, everyone in the vicinity can roll to see if they spot the Nellim; this is a contested roll, the Shuther user rolling Manipulation + Stealth vs the others’ Perception + Awareness. If the malaphant melds with a beings’ shadow, said creature is automatically allowed to roll, and malaphants in possession of Aura Perception (Auspex level 2) are always allowed to roll if their Auspex rating is greater than the Nellim’s Shuther rating.

XXX: Umbral Cloak: Umbral Cloak follows the same rules as Consuming Shadows, save that the Nellim no longer has to rely on re-existing shadows, and can move about freely. Use of this power costs 2 blood points to activate in stead of Consuming Shadow’s 1, due to the extra effort required. If the Nellim attaches it’s shadow-self to an object, the malaphant automatically shifts to mimic said object’s form.

XXXX: Strings of the Silhouette: While Umbral Cloak or Consuming Shadows is active the Nellim may attach their shadow form to a target and control them. The Shuther user spends a Willpower point, then rolls Manipulation+Occult. While the subject rolls his Willpower in a resisted action (difficulty 7 for each), and if the Nellim tries to make them do something against their personality they get to make another roll.

XXXXX: Void’s Embrace: While Consuming Shadows or Umbral Cloak is active, the Nellim may attach their shadow form to a target and draw the victim into the shadows with them. The Shuther user spends two blood points and rolls Manipulation+Occult vs the intended victim’s Strength+Brawl. If the victim loses the roll, they are trapped in the shadows, though if they have Shuther or Protean’s Earth Meld, they can get out by activating those powers. If they don’t, they would need to either be dug out or have a Shuther user with this power get them out. Mortals will suffocate if they are not let out within 10 rounds.

Malaphant, The New Vampire

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