Homebrew Rules

-Ghouls do exist in this setting except they are called Thralls. Aku thralls get rashes when they stay in water, Nellim thralls get rashes when in contact with holy symbols, Morgana thralls get break outs Sorae thralls’ masters always can know where they are. And Gaernon (or whatever) thralls, I assume, Frenzy as well, but not as easily.

-Malaphants can search in-game for malaphant lore and learn it. It can be anywhere, pieces of the Book of Blood have been scattered find pages, learn lore from other malaphants.

-Don’t buy points in Firearms.

-Starting gen is 13

-Ryuube lose their bonds to their owners once turned.

-All skin turns blue when they become a malaphant.

-Eating flesh follows the rules of drinking blood but by half. Though they do not have to consume as much flesh they must eat some as well as blood.

-You can only eat on a fresh corpse (15 minutes or less), if it is not fresh then you puke up your contents you have ingested within a 24 hour period and your hunger is stronger than before.

-Bloodlines will be handled on a case by case basis.

-The Blood Pool is now a Vitality Pool, to gain one ‘Vitality Point’, you need to eat one point of flesh, and drink one point of blood.

-Diablerie is still Diablerie and the blood bond is the same.

-There is no Camarilla or Sabbat however there may be a loose authority.

-Sunlight and many modern vampire tropes can still harm/kill you so watch out.

-You cannot buy out of house disciplines.

Homebrew Rules

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