Coven Viteuem

Titles of Age

Titles within the Coven:

Bloodlord: They are the person in charge of the city.

The Fist: They are the fists of the Bloodlord; they uphold the laws and criminals of the city.

Vykar: They are the representatives of their clans.

Caretaker: They caretake all the social gathering sites.

Archivist: They manage all the malaphant knowledge.

The Lancet Coven

The Primeblood Family (Lancet Family) [is similar to the Royal Family]:

•Rob Lancet

Lesserblood Family [is usually the secondary household of the Royal Family, like inlaws, and they are treated lowly as to their social station]:

High Brood [is the blood families of the Vycars and they usually stay together in mansions and districts all their own around the city.]

Famous Coven Members

Bloodlord: Rob Lancet

The Fist:


  • Grit, the voice for clan Morgana.
  • Sofy Annabella, the voice for clan Gairenon.
  • Etrius Areana, the voice for clan Sorae.
  • Janos Aldred, the voice of clan Aku.
  • Red Mary, the voice of the Nellim.
  • John Rootwine, the voice of the Marcusim.


Archivist: Wilum Pugmire

Amal Coven History

Areana Coven

Catlin Coven

Sondraya and Pugmire Coven:
The last covens before the Lancet Coven. They held two districts in the city, but eventually the two covens waged war over the city. In the clash of the war, the Lancet Family entered the fray and seized power fighting back the Sondraya and Pugmire Covens.

Lancet Coven

Coven Viteuem

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