Amongst the Sin Eaters

Where Shadows May Lead

by Shadow Orchid aka BatCat

Theories come and go like sand through your fingers. You think you have something solid, but scrutiny exposes the frailty of the chunk you hold, and it dissolves away into nothing. Yet you move on to the next one, hoping that, as the sand slips away, a gem of knowledge will be left behind. As anything in life, sorting through theories can be interrupted. This mewling pup, though I suppose he has his uses, presents his finding sprinkled with his own petty concerns. I can’t help but feel annoyed by the Ryuube. I have heard tales of the ancient feud between our cat and dog ancestors, before we even came to this planet. Though his personal concerns have validity, I feel minimal sympathy for our stuttering, little informant. Still, I’m curious to see where this all leads…



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