Amongst the Sin Eaters

Strings of Shadows

by Shadow Orchid aka Eliza

Life, undeath, sanity, reality…it all unravels when you let that ball of yarn fall free from your grasp. Who we have control over, as well as who controls us, is never simple or apparent as it may seem. Sometimes that ball of yarn is knocked away, and you can either watch helplessly or clumsily scramble after it to stop the unraveling. Witnessing this happen to someone, or the aftermath, is hard to turn away from. You may or may not have wished it on them, but you thank the Gods it wasn’t you, and pray to them you’re not next. Then you go about your business, whatever crazy shit that may be. You use your skills to help you and yours survive. And if things go your way, you’ll still be holding the ball at the end of the night. Just don’t forget, tomorrow might be worse, so hold tight.



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