Amongst the Sin Eaters


So in an attempt to find more answer, Donizetti held quite the party. Most of the people I was familiar with from past gathers showed up. I must be honest, I was a bit surprised that the Morgana showed up. Perhaps there is information to be gained from them. There were a few bigger surprised that the night held.

For the first time since I’ve known her, I saw others for the first time treat Shadow Orchid as though she’s got some stigma attached to her. Sofy was harmless enough, if enraptured by Shadow’s strange appearance. It was later when some howdy-towdy malaphants I was not familiar with started in on her that I saw for the first time the truth of her claims of being an outcast. I nearly drew my rapier to run the scurvy mongrels through, when Donizetti stepped in and politely told those pretentious assholes off. They said they would make him pay for what he did. Maybe if we are successful in doing something about the zombies, the bullies will get their chance. If they push the matter though, I’m sure the city and our not-always-polite society will not miss them one bit.

Adamine ran into quite a surprise. Apparently another of her clan nearly as old as she showed up. This Nellim claimed to be a lover of Adamine’s sire. Adamine seemed shocked and disgusted. Despite my efforts to determine whether the lady was lying, I was unable to do so. If the woman had indeed been a lover to Adamine’s sire, perhaps he showed a different side to her than he had shown Adamine. He must have been quiet evil to Adamine, because I heard the contempt in her voice when we discussed the topic. Hopefully she will be alright.

Much to my surprise, Donizetti and I, well and also Ezenna wherever she is, are not the only Sorae in the city. Perhaps my sire has intentionally stayed out of touch with his clan after the betrayal surrounding Ezenna. A most aureate Sorae came to our home, acting as those we owed him something. What an ass! For some reason, he had sewer mud on his shoes when I had the displeasure of making his acquaintance. He said that he had just stepped in, and judging by the way he was acting with the other elders, I left it at that, though I told Donizetti about the warlock. Making such an accusation would not go unpunished, even were it true. Hopefully, I shall never have this bastard cross my path again. Nearly every fiber of my being wanted to pounce upon this asinine creature and drain him of his existence, but Donizetti had taught me better than to resist those dark urges. Still, I hope something appropriately foul befalls the man.

Despite the party seeming like it might just be the place to find some answers, it proved lacking. If any were found, it was not by me. It was a nice little reminder of just what my place in our society is. Hopefully something beneficial will be gained, otherwise I’m not sure what the point of the whole evening was other than to pretend everything was business as usual. There is more going on in this city than these parties would suggest, and I will not rest until I learn more. Perhaps in time I will come to regret that decision.

It seems that Shadow has something she wants to talk to me about. Perhaps she will want me to help her get in touch with those Gairenons she was chatting up. At least, there were some good things about this party as well then. Maybe it wasn’t such a waste of time after all.

~ Rastan Taranul
– Haltiatar childe of Donizetti Divatikol, Svarkaname Sorae elder of the great city of Amal -



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