Amongst the Sin Eaters

Shadows of Wickedness

by Shadow Orchid aka BatCat

Ask anyone infected with pride about something, and they’ll tell you how much more they know about it than you. And don’t you dare tell them otherwise, especially if they have any kind of power over you. You’ll soon be at their mercy. It won’t be a surprise, either. But they will make sure you are thoroughly put in your place before they reveal you are there at their request, be it their thumb or a thumb they control that you are under. This is a risk we take when going on any kind of noble venture to undermine the forces of evil. And yet, how can good triumph over evil when we contemplate resorting to evil deeds as a means to victory? I would like to assume Adamine to be jesting when she mentions torture so casually, but I know she is not one to make light of, well, anything…ever. It disturbs me to the point of blocking such vile suggestions from my mind, which seemed to vex her when I asked what she actually wanted to do. I admit that my methods of intimidation may seem ‘torturous’ to the weak-willed, but intense mental and physical torture is never justifiable, no matter what kind of excuse you try to concoct. Unfortunately, if this is the route our party decides to take, I believe I may have joined the wrong team.



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