Amongst the Sin Eaters

Eliza's Shadow

by Shadow Orchid aka Eliza

The whims of the powerful are fickle and nonsensical. That’s because they can afford to be. The silencing of negative reactions to them can be swift & merciless. They could also choose to make an example of the nay-sayer, torturing them as a cat does a mouse, until they become bored and finally end it. It can be difficult to gage the power of a Malaphant. It is required in our very nature that we pretend to be what we are not. The longer we are around, the easier it becomes to mask other things about ourselves. This can become a necessity to survival, especially if we develop particularly nasty habits. In this town, ‘nasty habits’ are a way of life. Those of us interested in a more righteous path, fight not an uphill battle, but straight up a wall. Falls are more treacherous, blows from above heavier, and sometimes just hanging on without progress is your only option. And sometimes, to avoid an impossible battle, you must show humility, and call for a truce. Living or undead, we are all selfish creatures, and tend to take things too personal. Setting your selfish pride aside and owning up to a mistake is an option many in power never consider, and a recourse the powerless are loathe to undertake. Who wants to publicize their failure to others, whether en masse or one-on-one? To admit their defeat? That they’ve lost ground in the vertical wars we fight with each other, with the world? Nobody. In fact, it can embarrass the ones you beg forgiveness of because the occurrence is so uncommon that it catches them off guard. You’ve put them on the spot to come up with a task of some kind for you to undertake to gain their forgiveness, so be prepared to follow through. If you’re lucky, the act of showing submission and requesting to be forgiven is enough. It’s possible that it will be a more demeaning show of submission such as a public flogging. Or it could be something completely random and harmless, such as what I encountered. Even though I trust I am forgiven, I know my trespasses will never be forgotten, by neither Sofy nor myself. There is much work to be done, a swath of mysteries to unravel, and not having the dagger of an unstable elder at my back is preferred.



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