Amongst the Sin Eaters

Breaking Point

Adamine 6

The sound of the door slamming shut behind me is still fading when I am halfway down the hallway, my fists clenched and mind roiling with questions.

Why is everyone so unwilling to do what it takes to save the world?

Why are they so unwilling to listen to any plan which may actually work? I turn the corner.

Why are they willing to let people who are obviously in on the problem go free? I storm down the stairs.

Why is every word from my mouth ignored? I break into a run.

How can all these with power just sit by and indulge in their putrid vices while the world crumbles around them?

How can I open their eyes? My lip curls as I almost topple over a malaphant and its thrall engaged in indecent acts.

How am I to fulfill my duty and penance when I am so completely and totally powerless? My surroundings become a red blur as my eyes fill with frustrated tears.

What must I do to regain Thule’s favor?

Why, after eons, is it still not enough? The rooms and their vile occupants flash by.

Have I not proven myself loyal and repentant?

Do I not deserve rest, after wearing myself ragged in His name? I run out the front door and towards Guardian.

Is it foolish pride to think that Thule would ever forgive one such as I, would ever deem me worthy of the removal of this punishing sight?

Is there any point in hoping anymore, after all this time?

If there is no hope, for either me or the world, why not just give in to weakness and take what base pleasures I can?



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