Amongst the Sin Eaters

A relieving revelation

Adamine 4

I sit on the couch in Norihide’s office as he does paperwork for his employment, Mr.Donizetti’s diary weighing heavily in my hands. I have been completely still for half of an hour as I contemplate my next choice; do I read it, or no?

When he thought that Rastan and I knew of his projects, his power flared alarmingly, reminding me that, whilst I may be quite a bit older of blood than him, he has been conscious, active, and learning much longer than I have had the chance to. I have no way of knowing what powers he may possess… unless I read his diary… but if I do so, I will likely learn much which will cause Mr.Donizetti’s anger.

Then I must contemplate the sobering fact that Mr.Donizetti, Rastan, and Shadow are the only allies I have in this era; should I risk alienating the lot of them, only to sooth or confirm my doubts? Mr.Donizetti has been nothing but kind to me since my awakening; can I not trust him, without needing proof that he is trustworthy?

I know the answer before I even finish the question; no, of course I cannot lay my doubts asides and trust in this man. It would be irresponsible to do so, as he may have committed countless atrocities in his unlife. If he has, it is my duty to bring him to justice… or to die trying.

Finally, I open the cover of this weighty book, and begin reading. Within the first few pages I am overcome with pity and disgust. Is it of any wonder that we malaphant are such solitary creatures, when most all of us start so; robbed of every shred of dignity we may have once possessed? Is it of any wonder that so few of us crave the company of our peers when, first met, we were in such ignoble position?

After the first hour of my reading, Norihide finishes his paperwork and begins to watch me. I can feel his eyes upon me, but am too caught up in this unexpected tale to admonish him to mind where they stray. I read for hours, a picture of who Donizetti is beneath the airy demeanor forming from his words. Norihide eventually comes to sit beside me, and pulls me onto his lap; I reposition the diary so he will not be put in danger by the knowledge contained therein.

When I get to more recent times, I am filled with anxiety that Donizetti may have given in to himself with his estate full of young female thralls, and with Elona. I squirm nervously until the very end, when I close the diary with a laughing sigh of relief.

Norihide looks at me questioningly, the expression intensifying when I smile up at him. With a chagrined laugh I say; “I stood scornfully and mistrustfully over his man, who had offered me nothing but hospitality, and as it turns out, not only is this ally not wicked, he is the most moral man I have had the pleasure of meeting in this era!”

A look of doubt, then a fiery spark, come to Norihide’s eyes before he looks slightly away. I sigh, good mood swiftly dissipating in the reminder of my own moral failings. I get up from his lap, then look back at Norhide, saying; “I am tired.”

He smiles and stands quickly to join me as I head to his room.



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