Amongst the Sin Eaters

A Night I Would Just as Soon Forget, But Cannot

The night started off worrying. For some reason, Donizetti was not to be found when we all awoken. Searching the house didn’t seem to uncover his whereabouts either. It did not stay this way long however. When we started trying to figure out what had been going on, and more importantly, where he might be, my sire returned to us tattered and wounded. The servants rushed quickly to bring him inside and to safety. Perhaps I’m still too mortal for my own good, but the events of the night have some what blurred together in the rush of panic that swept over the mansion.

Somehow we managed to bring Donizetti up to his room. The servant girls proved to be damn-near useless as they clamored all over themselves to try to save their master. I try not use my ability to enthrall the hearts of others, but I did so anyways because the last thing we needed was the three fighting one another over who got to do what to save Donizetti. They became placent after that. I now see why Donizetti uses the power when he needs to persuade those who wouldn’t be so inclined to listen otherwise.

After debating on just what to do to save him, Shadow took the more Rubenesque girl away to become a flesh donor while the other two took turns feeding some of their blood to Donizetti. I was about to donate my own flesh and blood to my sire’s recovery when Adamine stopped me. I forget the exact wording of what she said, but the gist of it was that I would be enthralling him to my will. I wonder if that is what I did to her when she fed from me at the mausoleum. Perhaps this is why she has not yet left, and why she went with me later when I searched for Donizetti’s secret library to try to find some clues to his situation.

We managed to be able to find his library. Much to my frustration, when we finally got the damn thing open, there was another door inside. Normally, Donizetti’s playful humor would have been welcoming. This time is almost enraging. Quick thinking on my part lead to us going back and getting a key for the door, which Shadow, who had been looking over Donizetti while Adamine and I went to find the library had. In my rush to save my sire, I missed something so simple before hurrying off to complete my errand. Thankfully the key worked and let us inside.

There were a great many books and odds and ends once I entered the library proper. Adamine respectfully waited outside, whether this was due to some sort of respect or fear of what would be found inside, I do not know. There was a sarcophagus which I didn’t bother to look inside, and various other alchemical and mystical items scattered about the library. On the desk, I was able to find what I was looking for: Donizetti’s journal.

After reading the journal, I had Adamine join me to help me maybe make some sense of things. According to the journal, someone claiming to be Mavarek was Elona’s master. Donizetti decided to go looking through the sewers in the old city for answers. I might be considered foolish or crazy for such beliefs, but I believe that Mavarek is, or at least was real, as is a clan decended from him which is occassionally referred to as the Mavara in such decisions about the existance of Mavarek. For Donizetti to risk going into those sewers for answers is all the proof I need, because my sire is not the type of fool to go chasing after phantasms. Adamine seems to be another disbeliever unfortunately, though this may be due to the fact that she is human. As an elf, I know that there is much lost history, and it is foolish to think the old stories fantasy just because noone has definative “proof” from those times.

Gods help me, I lent my sire’s journal to Adamine. She read it, and I never got it back from before the end of the night. After lending her the journal to read for herself, I went to look through the shelves for answers. There was a feeling of being watched. And then this eye creature was found amongst the books on the shelf. I did not have time to fully take this in when Donizetti awoke and let out a loud scream in his bedroom. I rushed to attend my sire. I revealed that i had been in his library searching for answers so I might aid in his recovery. Adamine pocketed the journal. I wonder if she has read it yet.

It turned out that Donizetti found hordes of shambling zombies in the sewers. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to detroy the foul monstrosities, even when he blasted them with fire. Apparently, something must be done or these things will escape the sewers and threaten to overrun the city. Something will be done or at least more decided upon when after Donizetti holds his party for the city’s malaphant. I hope they will heed what he has to say, but I fear that some of the more headstrong elders will try to insist this is just the delusion of an old Sorae whose mind has been corrupted by his experiments. Whatever the case, something must be done, and soon.

~ Rastan Taranul
– Haltiatar childe of Donizetti Divatikol, Svarkaname Sorae elder of the great city of Amal -



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