“Onto the great wheel,
Which turns again,
As flowers wither from the stim.

Writhing flesh of courtly power,
As the Malaphants seek their dower.

The decadent city of ancient past,
Which crawled from a haughty haunted rest,
Has seen its rise once again,

And now comes the hunger to eat the sins."

—A poem from, Of Legends to Cities by Jasper Lemonte

Valteir had been caught under hypocracy, the power of magic had grown too overwhelming, all mages were enemy number one by order of Belraz the Seventh, King of the Helingate Empire. The Esoterie hammered back with vengeance at this outrage, and took up arms against the Helingate Empire. Then an old enemy came into the fold, the malaphants. By entering the war they could take advantage of the conflict and let rise the Lichoreus Empire, yet again.

The war raged for ten long years: the mages were wiped to near extinction, both the Helingate Empire and the Esoterie fell. The malaphants took heavy loses and only a handful of covens survived. In grief Diana—goddess of magic—retreated her presence from Agrimon and magic itself has begun to fade. Even humans themselves have begun to go extinct, as if something or someone were swallowing them up just like the mages.

The year is 905 of the Meru age, this is the modern world as we know it. With the war over guns have become too expensive to own. Valteir relies on the luxury of the modern world with its greatest benefits cut in half. This is a dark time where smog covers the sky, and corporations own the kingdoms. Except for one, the Amal Province. A city so steeped in sex and vice that it overflows. How will all this turn out? Only you can decide!


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Amongst the Sin Eaters

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